Kaja - Chickeroo

Quirky Tech House with a hooky "Chickeroo" vocal amongst a mish-mash of sounds and voices over the minimal electro riff, sounding a bit like a Dirtybird track on holiday.

The second outing on Atlantic Jaxx for Kajafollowing his first release "Fuertzabruta”, which got props from the likes of Justin Martin & co..

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Posted: 09/10/17

Rhonda & Chaemini - I Love My Piano

Good-times, finger-clicking, shoulder-shaking JazzDance House produced by Felix Buxton of Basement Jaxx, 'I Love My Piano' features vocals from Dancer Rhonda Humphrey (Basement Jaxx, Yoko Ono, Professor Green) and Korean Star Chaemini (Basement Jaxx 'Back 2 the Wild' and her solo 'Turtles').

Jerky snares and Bumping Bass give us a contemporary Eight Ball Records, while calling us to ”Find it, Feel it, Be Free, Living in the Music”.

The accompanying 'Feelin' Alright Dub' Filters and dubs out like a Dj Pierre classic. Again Produced by Felix Buxton, with both original tracks mixed by collaborator Duncan F. Brown.
Rising star JACKY lays down a stomping House remix of the title track, with even more Bumping Bass and the shimmer of an Acid line that will keep you moving until the early hours. Expect this to carry on destroying dance floors across the globe as we’ve seen in the Basement Jaxx sets all summer!

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Posted: 15/09/17

888 - Joy & Abundance

Pure joy and positivity in this uplifting galloping ambient journey. Reaching out to the divine and infinite, created by the Celestial Being Art Collective under the '888' moniker.

#CBAC #CelestialBeingArtCollective

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Posted: 30/08/17

Walk The Dog (Alex Ramos Remix)

Alex Ramos delivers a HUGE remix of Walk The Dog, premiered on dancefloors across the globe this summer in many Basement Jaxx DJ sets!

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Posted: 30/06/17

Atlantic Horns - Brass House

Atlantic Horns the Brass trio, seen accompanying Amy Winehouse, Basement Jaxx, Dizzy Rascal & Robbie Williams to name a few, delight us with their debut Solo record, 'Brass House’. It is what it says it is, pure Carnival House music, fitting nicely into the new wave of feel good Ibiza inspired Big Club Rhythmic House. Premiered by Basement Jaxx in front of massive crowds at Australia's Electric Garden Festival this is set to be a staple in Ibiza this summer. Grab your maracas!

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Posted: 12/05/17

Jack Nunn - Blue Sun

Atlantic Jaxx presents 'Blue Sun', the debut album by Jack Nunn. A display of cinematic instrumental bliss performed on piano and cello. Slow paced, mezmerising harmonic textures, like the tranquil flow of a water.

The opening track 'Awaken' perfectly sets the scene of the album with an accompanying 360-degree music video, shot from a hot air balloon at dawn over Melbourne, Australia. Enjoy the ride in real-time and strap on your VR headsets!

Watch it now on YouTube 

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Posted: 21/04/17

Planet Battagon - Inside Out + Canblaster Remix

In support of Planet Battagon - Episode 01, the groundbreaking and experimental 12” EP, Battagon makes his digital debut on Atlantic Jaxx

Touching on New Wave Techno, with hints of leftside Cyber-Jazz, Inside Out will take you on a journey through previously unchartered realms…

The machine-made, and other-worldly tones received great support from Gilles Peterson, Rob Da Bank, Todla T and many more tasteful selectors. 

The release is backed up by the slick French touch of Canblaster, providing a genre-spanning, deep, powerful club mix. Expect analog vibes encapsulating the playfulness of the original, in a new format of body-shaking bass, to punish the dance floor.

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Posted: 10/03/17

Joe Benjamin - Go Be Yourself EP

Bermudan born Joe Benjamin sees his debut on Atlantic Jaxx. He brings us 'Go Be Yourself' a modern soul classic with Joe at the piano, the faintest oboe and the gentlest of production touches from his long term friend and producer, Felix Buxton of Basement Jaxx. With hints of Terry Callier, a record of hope, warmth and reassurance, that urges us to be lead by our truest and innermost selves. Atlantic Jaxx is honoured to release this song as Joe reaches his 80th Birthday. Joe is a seminal figure, a kind of 'Chief’, a wise elder of the people of Brixton, over the years often seen standing in his recognisable staff, poncho, leather cowboy hat and sunglasses.

The accompanying track sees Joes' interest in spirituality and the cosmic come to the fore with the triumphant gravitas of a bold church organ piece, 'Fanfare' as used as an intro by Basement Jaxx for many a DJ set. 

1. Go Be Yoursel

2. Fanfare

3. I Shall Pass This Way But Once (Ltd. 7" Only)

4. Joe's Conch Shell (Ltd. 7" Only)

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Posted: 21/12/16

R.tiste.Un.known - Bonfire of the Vanities EP

"Bonfire of the Vanities" was created by R.tiste.Un.known after experiencing the incredible Lewes Bonfire Night (The Biggest in the World), 2014. R.tiste was struck by the power and disdain for the establishment and modern established norms. R.tiste viewed it as a cleansing, a rebirth, a violent burning of the past ugliness of mankind. This year seemed like the perfect time to release 'Bonfire of the Vanities’, in a culture awash with selfies and the creation of fake online personalities, of people scrabbling for attention, fame and celebrity. A burning of out of controlled egos and illusion.

The track is visual, mysterious, even military, with layers of sound recorded on the actual Bonfire night at Lewes. The accompanying 'Night Embers' wriggles through deep earthly depths, pulsating ominously, delivering a deep house track for the more brooding underground house djs.

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Posted: 05/11/16

Andrea Terrano - Innamorata (Album)

Atlantic Jaxx presents Andrea Terrano's brand new album Innamorata 

"An immensely soothing journey through latin classical spheres...A supremely relaxing, highly meditative listen"

 -Clash Magazine

An album of romance, bliss, longing and sun-kissed latin dancing on the beach. The italian guitar supremo Andrea Terrano takes us on a heart-warming, magical ride through world, latin, Italian Classical Soundtrack and Ambient.

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Posted: 27/10/16

Andrea Terrano - Woodlands

Atlantic Jaxx Presents 'Woodlands' by Andrea Terrano. The first track from Andrea's New Album, 'Innamorata', available on Atlantic Jaxx, 28th October 2016 !

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Posted: 07/10/16

Felix Jaxx Remixes Andrea Terrano

To celebrate the release of Italian Supremo Guitarist Andrea Terrano’s new album “Innamorata”, FelixJaxx' Buxton of the Basement Jaxx brings an EP of 3 Remixes, inspired by the clubs and beaches of Ibiza. Pure Balearic piano-bliss on the “Turquoise” Sunset mix, Ethereal Magic on the “Goodnight UFO’s” Through the Galaxy Mix and a 2016 Remix of one of Andrea’s classic themes “The Cocoon”.


Posted: 15/09/16