Immortal Scientist - Sunrise EP

Hailing from Birmingham, Jaxx star Slarta John and Danny James unleash an EP taking in influences from African, Dub, House and Reggae. 

"Dancing With Fire” is pure African underground house-style for the heads.  

The haunting “Sunrise” sees conscious lyrics over a Birmingham Bassline, with the soul of Ska, a nod to Dre and horns of Reggae Dub.

"Remedy For Humans” ups the tempo and calls out for unity in humanity and states that “The Remedy for Humans is Love”

Two Jaxx dubs complete the package, with a firing Reggae-dub and a global deep house dub for the DJs.

Available October 23rd from iTunes, Juno and all good record stores !

Posted: 21/10/15

Atlantic Jaxx Sampler October 2015

A selection of the freshest cuts from Atlantic Jaxx for the Autumn.

Featuring good-time vogueing tune "Walk The Dog", pure spiritial dance from Celestial Being, Slarta John's new project, Immortal Scientist, guitar supremo Andrea Terrano's Ibiza homage, "Turquoise", and some "Cosmic Love" from EYES. Enjoy !

Released on 16th October 2015

Pre-order from iTunes or Juno now

Posted: 06/10/15

Andrea Terrano - Turquoise

A blissful, sun-soaked, piano led Ibiza homage from guitar supremo Andrea Terrano (as heard on Basement Jaxx’s "Mermaid of Salinas" and "Mermaid of Bahia").  Following a great reaction when played in demo form at Ibiza’s Cafe Mambo this August, the vocal version features Samantha Moyo, star and founder of the Morning Gloryville morning raves which, in just two years, have spread to 26 countries.

Coming with the very much Ibiza club Blisstrumental mix, Club mix, the chilled original and the very chilled and atmospheric cinematic accompanying bonus track "Cinemotion".

Released on Atlantic Jaxx Recordings on September 11th 2015.

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Posted: 04/09/15